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Why You May Not Need to Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home

David Saba
David Saba
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The housing market is in a state of flux right now, and for those who need to sell, hiring a realtor and having a traditional sales process, including open houses, regular housings, and a long time waiting for a buyer may not be viable there are good reasons to hire a realtor, for may people needing to sell a home fast, there are also other very good reasons you do not need a realtor to sell your home.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent in today’s market.

Realtors Know The Market

One of the best reasons that people choose a real estate agent to sell their home is because realtors have an in-depth understanding of the market. Seasoned realtors have almost a sixth sense about the highest and lowest value home in a particular neighborhood will have.

Plus, realtors can help home sellers market their home to appeal to buyers in their area, with suggestions for staging, curb appeal, and emphasizing the right elements of your house to appeal to buyers, whether it’s close tho schools, the neighborhood has amenities, or it’s an easy commute to major employers.

Real Estate Agents Have Access To Buyers

Many realtors have access to a database of buyers, through a shared system that reaches across agencies. Plus, many realtors have a shortlist of potential buyers that have certain requirements about a house. When they find a match between a seller and buyer, it’s easier to close the sale.

You may not need a real estate agent to sell your home, however. You can market our home on social media, list it yourself as for sale by owner, and trust friends and neighbors to help find you leads to sell.

Get a cash offer for your house

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A local investor will get in touch with you to discuss the sale of your house.

The Traditional Listing Process May Be Unsafe

During a time of the contagious pandemic, traditional sales are unsafe. Even if you conduct an open house through social distancing, is the risk worth inviting into your home? Many people are looking towards alternate selling resources during the COVID pandemic.

You may choose to have a virtual home tour, but many potential buyers want to see the space itself. Realtors, too, prefer to have buyers tour the home to show off the best features of a house that phots and videos can’t properly convey.

Options For Selling a Home Without a Realtor

Sellers have other options beyond working with a realtor to sell a house. Cash buyers, investors who will buy a home As-Is, will pay for a house at a fair market price. These investors, or groups of investors, will purchase your home as it is. While you may not get the maximum, you’ll also save yourself thousands of dollars in staging, painting, and realtor fees.

Plus, cash buyers are ready to write a check on the spot. They don’t have to wait for fr a mortgage loan or worry about financing disappearing before closing.

Sell Your Home Fast!

You do not need to use a realtor to sell your home. Cash buyers are prepared to buy your house at a fair market price, even in today’s uncertain economy. When you opt for a cash buyer, you know that you will walk away with a check in hand within 2 weeks, fast enough to settle a past due mortgage or to divide up an inherited estate. Do you need to sell your home fast? Visit SellHouseFast.com online for a FREE< no-obligation quote.

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