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How to Avoid Real Estate Scams When You’re Trying to Sell Your House Fast

David Saba
David Saba
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Your home is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make. It’s understandable to fear that your house might not sell. Another fear is that you might wind up selling for less than what it’s worth. Real estate scammers know this, and they use it to take advantage of honest homeowners with dishonest offers. Real estate scams can leave innocent people out of house and home. Learning to spot these scammers, and to avoid real estate scams they make to cheat you out of your house, can save you a substantial part of your home value when you sell.

Fortunately, many of these cons work in similar ways. There are several red flags you can spot to get out before you’re taken advantage of.

The Buyer Offers Sight-Unseen Prices

Many real estate scammers work on volume. The majority of their would-be victims spot what they’re up to and avoid them altogether. As a result, many realty scammers cut corners by offering prices upfront or over the phone. Often, they do this without having seen the property. Buyers who are genuinely interested in your property at least want to look at your house. Maybe they want to get a professional home inspection too. This is all usually before making an offer. Alleged buyers who offer money for a house before they can know the condition it’s in have to be suspected from the start.

The Buyer Seems a Little Too Eager

The purpose of negotiating a home purchase is to get the most house for the lowest price possible. The purpose of a scam is to steal a house without paying for it. As a result, legitimate buyers will often take their time putting together an offer. With all of the variables to be weighed before making a six-figure offer for a house, this is perfectly reasonable.

Dishonest buyers have nothing at stake in the deal and everything to gain from quickly pushing it forward. Every day that goes by increases the chance that a victim will spot them for what they are and take steps to avoid real estate scams. This drives many scammers to pressure sellers before they have a chance to think things over. If you are offered what sounds like a good deal for your house, only to be told the offer has a short time limit, you are right to be suspicious. If a potential buyer immediately agrees to your first price quote, it’s possible they aren’t planning to pay at all.

Inconsistent or Absent Communication

Scammers have odd and chaotic habits. They are often working on multiple victims at once. They almost never have a reputable realtor on their side. They also tend not to work with banks. As a result, communications with scam buyers can quickly become irregular or odd. Sometimes something just feels “off” about it. It is also common for them to fall silent for a week or two between calls or emails. This is often the time they are using to con another homeowner. As a result, your property can fall off their radar for a few days. Authentic buyers almost always prioritize the large purchase they’re planning. Their interest in making a good deal puts it in their interest to communicate with you clearly and often.

If you are thinking about selling your house, especially if you need to sell quickly for the maximum you can get, you need to know the people you’re working with are honest.

You need to find out what your family’s home is really worth and to avoid real estate scams. Before listing your home, ask for a trustworthy cash offer from SellHouseFast.

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