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Sell A House Fast During COVID-19 Situation

David Saba
David Saba
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If the last few months have taught us anything, it is that adaptability is key, and that continues to be true for those who are looking at the real estate market. Agents, business owners, teachers, doctors, and pretty much everyone has been forced to adapt and change practice at the drop of a pin. The same is true within the real estate industry and for anyone who is forced to sell a house fast during the COVID-19 situation.

While some things have changed, such as the way we work, interact, and buy groceries, some things have remained the same. People still need to pay bills, earn a living, and possibly relocate for work. People continue to age, and the need to downsize or upsize is still the reality that many people are facing.

Changes in the Real Estate Industry

Without a doubt, the real estate industry has had to adjust a lot within a short timeframe. Real estate has long been an industry of hospitality, experience, and showmanship. Most of those variables are now off the table, at least in the traditional sense. Just because the real estate industry is shifting its approach, does not mean that as a seller it is impossible to sell a house fast during COVID-19 situation. It simply means you may need to get inventive and be ready to adjust your expectations along the way.

Pros and Cons of Trying to Sell a House Fast During COVID-19

Right now the real estate industry is both a sellers and buyers market, depending on where you live. With fewer people willing to relocate, buyers tend to have less competition when viewing homes. However, in certain areas like the suburbs, there are fewer buyers. Suburban homes are currently in high demand as people flee the big cities. Therefore, sellers in these areas have the upper hand.

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In short, trying to sell a home during COVID-19 will rely heavily on regional appeal. This alone is not a new principal in real estate. The real estate market also relies heavily on regional trends, so sellers may not find the process much different. The good news is at rates are at record lows which means lower payments for savvy buyers. This alone could attract buyers, but it could also attract uncertainty. Like many things that have to do with COVID-19, it is impossible to predict how a home sale will go.

How to Sell a House Fast During COVID-19

If you need to sell a house fast during COVID-19, get ready to hustle. You will need to follow all CDC guidelines and find an agent that is comfortable with the virtual platform. Virtual platforms are the new norm and walkthroughs are non-existent. You need to keep your home safe and clean and be ready to show people it at a moment’s notice. Potential buyers will expect instant access over the internet, and you need to be ready to grant it.

Buying storage space and decluttering your home is a major recommendation. Since the only thing buyers can see in person is the yard, amp up your landscaping efforts. Curb appeal plays a large role in selling a home in COVID-19 times.

Should You Sell Your Home During COVID-19?

With this in mind, the idea of selling your home during COVID-19 may be off-putting. There is another way to sell your home without the hassle. You can sell your home for cash and skip viewings, landscaping, and decluttering. If this is an attractive option, contact SellHouseFast for your cash offer today.

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