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Hurricane Tips for Homeowners

David Saba
David Saba
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In the U.S., hurricane season spans from the beginning of June to the end of November. While the peak of this season occurs from mid-August to late October, powerful hurricanes can happen throughout the season. With the severe weather and flooding they bring, hurricanes are a serious concern for property owners who live on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Use the following hurricane tips for homeowners to minimize potential damage to your home:

Secure Loose Items

During a hurricane, your favorite patio chair can become an airborne missile. Powerful hurricane winds can lift items like chairs, potted plants, garden tools, and potted plants and hurl them through the air where that can strike windows, roofs, of your home’s siding. When the weather forecasters predict a hurricane, be sure to store these items in your garage, shed, or home to ensure that they do not damage your home or your neighbor’s. As the most common of hurricane tips for homeowners, securing items is typically the first step to prepare for the coming storm.

Board Up Windows

New windows can cost thousands of dollars. If you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes, it’s a good idea to invest in window coverings like storm panel hurricane shutters. These coverings are easy to install and can provide protection for your windows against winds. Because they’re waterproof, they’re more effective than wood boards. However, if a hurricane is headed your way, you can use any wood boards to cover your windows.

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Stock Up on Repair Supplies

There’s no way to know how much damage your home might suffer during a hurricane. While you won’t be able to make any major repairs until after the storm, you definitely want to have supplies on hand. In fact, if your area is hit hard by the storm, supplies like rope, tape, and tarps will fly off the shelves of hardware stores and home improvement centers. Even if you’re lucky enough not to need these supplies, they may come in handy after a future hurricane or severe inclement weather.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

During a hurricane, tree limbs can be knocked off of trees. It’s important to trim dead or dying limbs as these are the most vulnerable. Any limbs that are close to your home should be evaluated. Trim them if they are in poor condition so they don’t damage important aspects of your home like your roof.

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Finally, make sure your house is up to code so that it’s less vulnerable to storm damage. This may require hiring professionals to perform updates and repairs. It can be a costly investment, but these repairs can often help keep your home safe.

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