Published: July 28, 2016 at 4:09 pm Updated: October 10, 2016 at 3:52 am
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Company Logo of Need To Sell My House Fast™

Today, we turn our attention to It’s been touted as one of the best house buying services in America – but does that credential hold up under examination?

Miami, FL

What Does

First off, “NeedtoSellMyHouseFast” is a trademarked name – meaning only people associated with the brand can use it. The business was founded in 1999 and the headquarters are in Miami, though they have representatives available in every state. purchases over 500 properties per year. Generally, these properties are distressed and purchased as-is.

The Buying Process

Once you contact, they assign a representative to your property. Note that they have reps in every state, so they can purchase homes from anywhere in the United States. The representative will take a look at your property, and then will make you an offer. Most of the offers are made in all cash, though there are a few that involve financing. You can accept or decline – you’re under no pressure. If you accept, the paperwork is finalized, and a deal is struck!

After they buy your property, will either fix it and keep it as a rental, sell it to a local investor, or repair it and sell it at market price to a local family.

Sometimes, isn’t purchasing in your area. In that case, they will still help you market your property. With your permission, they’ll negotiate a price and put your property under contract. The contracts typically cover a 30 day period – that’s the length of time the business requests you give them to find a buyer. They cover all of the advertising costs. You don’t have to pay any commissions or fees. Rather, they charge a percentage of every deal closed.

That’s the process in a nutshell. But onto the meat of this review – does the process work, and more importantly, is it worth it to you?

Benefits of Working with

First off, with representatives in every state that know the local market, even if doesn’t purchase your property, they’ll be a tremendous asset in the marketing process. Remember, this isn’t a franchise like Homevestors where every owner is different. Representatives in all fall under one umbrella.

When examining home buying outfits, your main concern is likely who will give you the best offer, and in this area delivers. Because the company is national, they move a lot more volume than local investors or regional businesses. This means they’re able to be more competitive and give you a better offer for your distressed property.

As mentioned above, even if they can’t purchase your home, they can help you market it to their network of investors – they have a portfolio filled with both private cash buyers and institutional buyers. Here, their track record is excellent – thanks to their marketing through, they’re able to sell properties fast.

The Veredict is an experienced, national brand that excels at dealing with distressed properties – either buying or selling. Thanks to their huge portfolio of potential buyers and massive volume, they’re able to give you a better offer and/or sell your home quicker than their competition.

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